Remedial construction is the rectification of building defects due to age or poor building practice. The core element is to understanding the extent and condition of a structural defect or conditions. It is critical to the process of remedial rectification to analyse physical symptoms correctly in order to apply effective remedial methods. Defects in structures fall into several categories but are commonly attributed to three main groups, Deterioration due to age or exposure, inappropriate materials or poor building techniques. It is common that after diagnosis, results suggests all of the above contribute to symptoms being experienced.
In order to determine the cause of the problem and the nature of the defect a material may be tested for resistance to deterioration, it may be necessary to carry out non-destructive and sometimes destructive testing in conjunction with the physical examination. It is also important to identify through investigation areas of latent damage, which can be far more extensive than the visible damage.
Asset Remedial Pty Ltd has established and maintained a strong relationship with leading remedial engineering firms, and assisted with our team of specialist tradesmen, with the investigation and subsequent rectification of an extraordinary array of building defects and details.
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